But now it plays "CBC Radio 1 Corner Brook" no matter what I say. I was going to buy more Google home devices but have scrapped that idea. Select the three-lined menu at the top right of the next page. We have had the same problem for several months now. 06:14 AM Search. Yesterday my Google Home speaker in one room played 'Radio 4 Extra' when asked for 'Radio 4'. It is a glitch with the google players. 12-21-2022 I just ask Google to play the radio and I get the station that I want every time. I'm in the same boat. Google Home devices have been rebranded as Nest, and the original Google Home speaker is now far out of date. Yes all were able to play WRAL FM. Tyler Lizenby/CNET. These tips should be able to work with Nest models also. Reboot the device the Home app is on. Once I got the correct radio station playing, I don't ask for the specific station anymore. My Google Home Screen played Radio 4. 50000+ FM Radio and AM Radio Stations. Here's how. - edited As others have mentioned, this problem is still happening on premium accounts. Turning the mic back on is done using the button on the back of the speaker. KUAR is the normal news station, and KLRE is a dedicated classical music/jazz station. In order to use your selected music service with your Google Assistant on Sonos, you must also add it to your Sonos app. The Home is attempting to link to the internet, but its either unresponsive or taking an extended amount of time (which isnt normal). Does the same issue happen when you use the Google Assistant app on your phone/tablet? Until a month ago it would automatically choose my local version correctly if I just said 'play p4' (in Swedish). Thinking back that does seem relevant. The default phrase OK, Google prompts the Home and other Google devices to listen. Ok, have you tried the TuneIn app on a phone? Check these steps and see if this helps. I have 9 minis, 1 hub and 2 Chromecasts, this could take sometime! I wonder if it knows my brother in law lives in London.LOL? Sorry to hear about the frustrations that you're having with the Google Assistant, I'm happy to help. New updates are being added at the bottom of this story. Open your Google Home app, then tap your personal icon in the upper right. Sometimes the Home app needs this during setup (you can usually disable it afterward if you prefer). Yes, it is still playing the HD2 version of the station as opposed to the HD1, even using the correct station call sign. Thanks! You can ask your Google Assistant to play music from iHeartRadio, TIDAL, and TuneIn Radio on . Is it still playing a different station? Please let me know, as I would be happy to assist, and answer any questions you may have.Best regards,Jake. If you find that the internet is working correctly on other devices, we suggest trying to reboot the Home device itself. Google is playing the wrong NPR station In my town there are two NPR stations, KUAR and KLRE. If yourspeaker or display doesn't play theradio stationyourequested, be more specific with your query,or ask for the station in a different way, using name, frequencyor call sign. Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Pro 5S: which security camera comes out on top? Share information, tips, bugs, new features, requests. While you can change your phone or browser phrase, OK, Google is the only prompt for the Home. Unplug Google Home before waiting at least a minute to plug it back in. Up until a couple of days ago "Hey Google play Absolute Radio" used to work every time, but now it's started playing one of it's sister stations, Absolute 80's. Absolute Radio still exists in TuneIn, and our hub is detecting our input correctly, but it's deciding to play a station that's a partial match instead of a complete match. In the app, select the. Best I could do to get it in my time zone without using my phone to stream from an app was to ask for another state/region it seemed to recognise (oddly enough not the capitol city). Same here. A User community for smart speakers and displays from Google Home/Nest and their related products that use Google Assistant. @Mertonia, thanks for posting, if this is isolated to one radio station we suggest for you to contact them directly and get some feedback on what keyword you can use to play their radio station. I am certain that this is a software or setting problem. And, when I ask for "CBC Radio One London, Ontario" I get CBC Radio One Thunder Bay . The even more bizarre thing is that KUBE 93.3 was a rap/pop station here in Seattle that is no longer. It used to work but no longer. Dishwashers, air vents, and a host of other noisemakers may prevent the Home from hearing users properly. I have a Google mini and the larger speaker. Confirm you're logged into your speaker or display with the correct Google Account. There are a variety of wireless security cameras to pick from as well as wired models. The weird thing is I've NEVER asked for CBC Radio One in London, Ontario, which is what it insists on giving me now, when I live in Saint John, New Brunswick. But I think the problem is that the feed TuneIn is using is the central feed not the St. John's one. Why don't we give it a few more days and see if TuneIn confirms a resolution. This makes them surprisingly versatile while still carrying an affordable price tag. Then I click Cast inside Chrome menu, and I choose the device. Enter the radio station in the search box by call sign (WHOG) and station number or frequency (95.7) and tap Search. If you're using Google Chrome and you're not seeing the black play bar at the bottom of the site please try resetting Google Chrome to the default settings. Stay close to your new device, at least within several feet, while you are connecting. Thank you for your patience, I look forward to your response. Best regards,Jake. Whole house audio and then some Hass.io Play Radiostream Playing web radio stations on chromecasts I went in a built a shortcut to play that exact station as well, but that didnt work either. While users await an official fix for the seemingly unfixable problem, theres a workaround shared by a user that you can try out for yourself too. Hard to believe it's Tunein's problem since I don't know that app, never used that app and have read a few to know not everyone said Tunein fo instance if you would have read mine I specifically said iheart radio about a million timesmaybe, this is just and idea but maybe you could pass this problem along to someone that will do their job and actually look into the problem rather than obviously reading 1 complaint and throwing out a pass the buck response. Thanks for not listening or accepting there is an issue. Help. 12:25 AM In case, any other development catches our sight, well share. Worked perfectly for first 2 years after getting 2 Google Homes and 1 Alexa. If you are not receiving newsletters, please check your spam folder. What changed and why did Google not test to make nothing was broken. Scroll down until you see Web & App Activity and. The issue is that Google uses TuneIn in the UK, but TuneIn only recognises BBC Radio 2 Wales or BBC Norfolk. I don't listen to any other station on Google, so this works for me. However, we do suggest changing the activation phrase or hot word for either device. For me, it doesn't choose the local version of my radio station now. Chiming in to see if you still need assistance with this. Hey folks, Chiming in to ensure everything is covered here. User reports indicate no current problems at Google Nest. Vario Hotel Greifswald, Greifswald: See traveler reviews, 3 candid photos, and great deals for Vario Hotel Greifswald, ranked #12 of 13 hotels in Greifswald and rated 2 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Thanks for getting back. and describe your dilemma in detail. Fear not; the Home isnt haunted its just a little overeager. No it's been asked a million times and no it did nothing on any device. However, in the past month, it now actually plays KLRE. Any ideas? I made a shortcut for this exact situation by adding Play KUAR from Tunein radio. Here's how you add music to Roblox: Log into your account Click "Create" in the blue bar at the top of the screen Click on "Audio" Click "Browse" and select an audio file Once selected, click "Estimate Price" to determine the cost Click "Purchase for XR$" to finalize If the game you're playing lets you add music for free, follow these directions:7K subscribers Reviewing . 01-25-2022 When giving Google the command stretch out CBC raaaaaaaadio 1 St. John's. Apps dont always update automatically, and its important to have the latest version. Our team is already checking on this and working on a fix. A known issue with some Google Home devices, this occurs even if a user places it directly beside a router or antenna. - edited It is nothing to do with the name of the station as I request the same station name. If the speaker is on, but it still doesnt seem to be responding, check the physical placement of the device. I would suggest visiting ourGoogle Assistant Forum and writing to them there as this is a question that they would be able to help answer. please please dont reply to this thread with the same generic advice that has been given for years. First, I have some quick questions regarding this situation. Sometimes plays wrong radio station. The problem is that out of the 3 playlists i created on spotify google home will only find the first playlist not the other ones, i have tried renaming them and all sorts but home just wont find them. Press J to jump to the feed. It was only ever the one station, and it was public radio. Right now I have to find it on the TuneIn app on my iPhone and cast to the speaker I choose. To do so, launch theGoogle Homeapp on a connected device and select, If rebooting the Home a few times still results in a dropped connection, we suggest. Maybe this is a TuneIn issue? Taylor Martin/CNET. You can turn up the volume at any time by saying, OK, Google, turn it up. Some Home and Nest devices also have onboard controls you can use to change the volume (and which may have been accidentally used to lower it). Please let me know if youare still having any trouble with the device playing the wrong station, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further. If its still not working, drop us a DM. Theres not much you can do to avoid this. @Mertonia and marymary1, you can use this helpful link to stream your radio. Still the same for me. from my experience, I am trying to play BBC Radio in the UK. And asking for "89.1 FM" it also responds with "Okay, here's KLRE". Its the same for me on my google nest mini, use to be able to hear local radio stations from TuneIn but it will not longer play, and will play other stations in Canada instead. I just can't figure out what keywords will play the correct one. Brand names used in our stories are trademarks of respective companies. They all have the same problem. Make sure your device is in setup mode, which is indicated by blinking white LED lights. Wed suggest sending us feedback using the Google Home app with the keywords, GHT3 Cant play radio stations on . Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Or see the sub FAQ for contact number. This has been going this time for about 2 months. Google Nest Cam Battery -- $140, was $180. 3. Thank you for continuing to try and help. I went in and made a shortcut specifically to play the station, but it continues to play HD2. They are all used at least once a day to play internet radio. I have a station called Linkin Park. the only change from my end is that with my Pixel 2 XL I recently received a free Google Home mini. Heres a closer look at the best smart plugs of 2023. I have a Google Home in my kitchen. Sometimes plays wrong radio station. You do not have permission to remove this product association. Close. it looks like something that may need to be investigated deeper by the google home team on the back end. Beyond giving you remote control of your outlets, many smart plugs allow you to set timers or monitor your electricity usage. Sometimes Home devices experience bugs that prevent them from playing music properly, especially from certain channels. Clear search We recommend a complete restart, which will require you to unplug the device and wait about a minute before plugging it back in. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours. There could be interference or other issues with the current position. Play music to Google Homes Multi Zone Chromecast Web Radio Creating a alarm clock Input_select options with 'friendly name' and 'payload' Synology Audio Station Media Player Using Google Home for setting up a radio alarm Should I go there? Chiming in to see if the behavior when playing a radio station persists? This email address is currently on file. I think it is anticipating what you are going to command and, then, tuning into the wrong station. I believe you should be able to do this. Hello! Listen to radio With Google Nest and Home speakers and displays, you can use your voice to listen to terrestrial and internet or satellite radio stations through speakers or displays, or. My Radio allows you to access more than 50000+ FM radio, AM radio and Internet radio stations around the world. Were your devices able to play WRAL FM 101.5 Raleigh HD 1 before? Press J to jump to the feed. its possible that your Google Home and TuneIn are experiencing interference or could be app-related. Setting it back up is a must. Select the Google Home device you want to restart. None of my google home devices will play the correct radio station. To get the most out of Google Home, choose your Help Center: U.S. Help Center, U.K Help Center, Canada Help Center, Australia Help Center. Specifying a home address may make a difference, as it tells the app your exact location. Chiming in to ensure everything is covered here. What BS, its absolutely not Tunein. In the meantime, we recommend editing the title of the playlist to remove "Radio" from the name of your "XXXX" Radio Thumbs Up playlist. I do enunciate clearly, and my screen shows I asked. For me, I am in Washington state and I say, Hey Google, play 95.7 The Jet on IHeartRadio.95.7 The Jet is a 70s/80s/90s hit station. Play BBC radio" on our end and, it worked. So again. It only showed me if I asked. I did download the TuneIn app and repeatedly try to connect to the proper station using that and to be honest I'm not sure that it helped. For example, Pandora music will stop playing on your Google Home if you start streaming from your computer at the same time it's streaming through Google Home. Our team is aware of reports about being unable to play some TuneIn stations on Google Home were working on a fix. If this doesnt work, double-check to make sure the Home links to a Google account with its location turned on. Thanks. Incorrect station results every single time. TuneIn works on just about every platform including on Google Home, Google Home Mini, Home Max, JBL Link, and more. This issue is probably a result of a places level of network connectivity. In Spain currently is only integrated with TuneIn, and ask a radio station to your speaker Google Home is as simple as saying "Ok Google" and. Please let me know if youare still having any trouble from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further. Worked for the last months and today in the morning stopped streaming TuneIn channels. google home devices plays the wrong radio station. Google Home can't recognize that you want your local radio station, and it'll play you the main station with the same name unless you specify it. This poses a problem while asking for nearby services, weather reports, and other location-reliant items. But when I ask Google to play X radio on tunein, as I always did, it accepts the command and then it goes silent. 12-21-2021 Absolute Radio still exists in TuneIn, and our hub is detecting our input correctly, but it's deciding to play a station that's a partial match instead of a complete match. (model name, generation number), What app/company are you using for your radio service? 93.3 is now KJR Sports Radio (Seattle, WA) part of iHeart as well. Tell us more and well help you get there. That's the only connection I can think of. I reached out to the radio station and they said they had others having the same problem. When i ask it to play a specific radio via radio frequency it plays the one i want and is on that frequency in my area. Check to see if location services are enabled for the Home app on your device. Now Google Hub now playing correct station, BBC Radio 4. What type of Google Home/Nest device do you have? Best regards,Jake, I wanted to check in and see if you are still in need of any help with your device? Restaurants near Greifswald Sud Station, Greifswald on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews and candid photos of dining near Greifswald Sud Station in Greifswald, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. I use Alexa on the Sonos speakers that have Google and Alexa built in because it just works better. I assume what is happening mostly (as it is mostly if i'm not careful) is its not hearing the last word because it thinks it knows what I'm going to say. Additionally, verify that the Google account is able to answer questions regarding calendars, flights, and. Yesterday my Google Home speaker in one room played 'Radio 4 Extra' when asked for 'Radio 4'. Fortunately, Google support on Twitter has acknowledged this issue and said that they are working on a fix. Digital Trends Media Group may earn a commission when you buy through links on our sites. Also, what country are you located in? Ask for CBC Radio One Saint John, NB and plays London, Ontario. It appears to guess before I have finished speaking and therefore gets it wrong.Its also got worse in that "play Radio " now starts a Youtube playlist, I have to say "Stream Radio ", Individual, group, it does the same every time, repeats what I asked perfectly but plays KUBE and that never changes eitherI ask it to play The Jet and it says ok playing The Jet and always plays KUBE and yes in every manner, I feel like I have to wait months just to get another off the wall question, the next question yes I've tried that please skip ahead to the solution.
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