Plus, they have not responded to my reservation request. Since 24 years I have been living and working together with my better half on the beautiful sun-drenched island called La . Thank you for your review and your trust in us. The island is also part of a Protected Natural Park of the East. Valid on days: Monday Wednesday and Friday. Our private boat tours let you have the experience of your dreams! He was able to arrange a private boat at a very good cost to pick up my girlfriend and I right next to our resort on the beach. Seaweed was present around the first snorkel site at the old pier, not over where we were, but the snorkeling is not great there anyway. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-112206916', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Catalina island has better snorkeling. A catamaran trip to the island is one of the most attractive excursions you can do while vacationing in Punta Cana. The reviews lately on the Carnival Saona special are not that great noting the seaweed problem, bad food experiences. What's so amazing about Isla Saona? It is part of the National Park Cotubanam (formerly called Parque Nacional del Este). Drinks and Food is not included but can be requested at the time of your reservation for an additional price. Your email address will not be published. With the current price of 450 US (subject to change), it is just 75 US per person an unbeatable bargain. Isla Catalina, tambin denominada Isla Ikiita (llamada tambin por los indgenas locales como Toeya), es una isla que se encuentra en el mar Caribe a slo unos kilmetros al sureste de la Isla La Espaola al sur de la provincia de La Romana que es parte de la Repblica Dominicana.Desde La Romana se tarda media hora en llegar a Isla Catalina. Hey, I am Chris, a born and raised German, travel-addictive and Caribbean Soul. Those are some of the options you have if you are staying in Punta Cana and are looking for a private yacht or catamaran excursion to one of the islands along the Southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. (Click below to navigate) Our private half-day or full-day boat tours allow you to escape the crowds for a memorable Saona Island tour to experience this slice of Caribbean paradise on your own terms. Ask Kanta M about Saona Island Paradise From Punta Cana. FROM USD175 P/P Diving Equipment, Instructor, Open Bar and Lunch . Catalina & Saona are on the Caribbean Sea, so the water will be warm. Explore our exciting land and seaactivities & adventures, hotel packages, and otherspecial offers. ), I'm thinking of going to Catalina Island instead using Passion Paradise Adventures. It has awning and a cooler with ice ready to go! Children under 3 are FREE! There is an extensive and diverse coral reef system around Saona Island and you can even find mysterious shipwrecks! When arriving at this picture-perfect island with its stunning coastline, you will feel like you are in paradise. There are two places worth exploring while diving: El Muro, an impressive wall that plunges into the Caribbean Sea, reaching a depth of about 100 meters; and El Acuario, where the dive is 11 meters, full of coral formations, where you can find some of the most typical species of the Caribbean Sea such as seahorses, the famous lion fish or toad fish, among others. Hope this helps! . I have summarized the best Saona private tours for you in this comprehensive overview. When traveling with up to 15 people, there are also other options available you can book online. To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. Go on the website and if you cant find exactly what you are looking for, call Oscar and he will set you up. Enjoy a nice plate of lobster with local rice and a Presidente (the BEST local beer!) Do you need help planning a customized vacation in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic? And last but not least, the island and the beach of Catalina are beautiful in their very own way. Pirates would wait for Spanish ships to sail through their waters to attack and rob them of their riches. Here we can find all kinds of marine life, from lobsters and multicolored fish to large rays. Administratively, it also belongs to the province of La Romana, although in this case it forms its own national park called the same as the island. Are you ready to escape the crowded beaches of Bavaro or Bayahibe and explore the untouched natural beauty of the Caribbean? Mano Juan is the bigger village on the island but still has only about 500 residents who dedicate their lives to fishing, making art, and living in, Are you ready to explore the deserted beaches of Isla Saona? Afterwards, we will head to our open buffet for lunch on the island, where you will also be able to explore its exquisite white sand beaches surrounded by palm trees and jungle. We were back by 5 PM and everything went great. 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. If you are traveling with a large family or a group of friends, the prices of a private tour can be even more affordable than if booked individually. You will start your tour in La Romana and stop at the most famous snorkeling spot in the area, where you can see colorful fish and a tropical reef. We will be contacting you shortly with the exact time", "Pickup locations vary by hotel. The yacht features a kitchen, a covered seating area and sufficient space outside to lounge and to enjoy the sun. Is it difficult for you to decide what and where to book? If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes, it's a killer combination. It's an all day excursion with snorkeling and/or diving. The first one is The Wall which as we mentioned before, is also known as The Wall of Catalina. Once in Saona, you will be able to enjoy its beaches and vegetation at your leisure. Check out the following options if traveling with a big family or a bunch of friends. Full Day (8 hours) Boat Rental for 12 passengersmax. It has various natural beauties, such as its paradisiacal beaches with white sands and the crystalline waters that surround it live different species of birds and fish. Perhaps the best known of the island is its beautiful natural pool, where you can walk dozens of meters without the water covering more than your hip. But why not consider a private tour (from Punta Cana or elsewhere) and setting your own itinerary? Private boat rental for full day tour to visit Saona Island or Catalina Island. The pool is formed because lots of sand naturally gets accumulated in one area, bringing ocean levels to just a couple of feet and making it feel like a pool! At 17:00 it will be time to return by boat, and finally we will take you back to your hotel. Moreover, Saona Islands more secluded beaches that you can reach on a private tour make social distancing much more enjoyable! If the trip is cancelled with less than 14 days notice (for reasons excluding storms/unsafe weather conditions), the full deposit will be transferred to Boat Owner. If this option doesnt suit you, you can check out the following private excursions to Isla Catalina. There are not as many private tours available for Isla Catalina as for Isla Saona, hence a comprehensive list with different tours and providers doesnt make that much sense. This is not to say that there's not big boats going to Catalina. I was scuba diving down there in November and the water temp was around 80 F. We like the Pro Excursions Saona tour because you are on a 45 ft. catamaran (with bathroom) both ways. Then you will go to a privileged space at the beach of Saona, area equipped with chaise longue, canopy beds, open bar and a typical Dominican buffet. Several families of fishermen, who moved to the island by order of the dictator Lenidas Trujillo, have been living there since 1944. Or maybe you just want to do some cool sightseeing? This route also starts at 7 am at your hotel, then you will go by catamaran from La Romana to Catalina Island. History of Saona Island Any thoughts on which is a better excursion? For groups of 10 or more, please contact us directly. Visiting Saona Island is usually a day trip and you will be back in your hotel by the early evening, so there is no need to search for accommodations on Saona Island. If so, check out our comprehensive Punta Cana Excursion Guide with the most exciting 40+ activities for your vacation. Half Day Trip. First of all, we show you our classic excursion to Saona Island. Our last activity is for those who love scuba diving. Especially when traveling with a large family or small group, the prices are absolutely affordable. and share your adventures with friends and family. So, we kinda take you to a sandbar, far from the coast with clear, waist deep water. As if that were not enough, in Catalina there is also the wreck of a ship called Cara Merchant, commanded by Captain Kidd at the end of the 17th century. Also, Saona seems to be more of a party. Visit Saona Island, an idyllic speck of sand and palm trees in the blue Caribbean, during a full-day tour from Punta Cana. Un servicio impecable. The weather will accompany us and we will be able to bathe in the transparent water of the Caribbean. Saona Island has numerous beaches to choose from. However, for the overall experience we'd choose the powerboat excursion with Seavis, great day that! Be the first to receive special offers, event announcements, exciting tour updates, and so much more when you . Check out the following options for some additional Isla Saona private tours for up to 10, sometimes even 12 people. Drinks and Foodis not included but can be requested at the time of your reservation for an additional price. Isla Saona offers more things-to-see and more spectacular spots. 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua Tour from Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata. Isla Saona also has multiple caves that you can explore, but Saona Island beaches are more popular. This is why we offer private and exclusive Saona Island tours, with no-one else on board apart from the crew and your group! Book your private, 10 Best Beaches in Punta Cana You Dont Want to Miss, 5 Best Scuba Diving Spots in the Dominican Republic. Max. On the other hand, if your intention is to enjoy a privileged environment where you can also snorkel or dive, you should choose Catalina Island. experience in tourism in the Dominican Republic. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-112198899', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Punta Cana. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Luxury Yacht Charter from Casa de Campo to Saona or Catalina Casa de Campo Marina, La Romana 22000, Dominican Republic 23 5 Verified Crew Included CLEAN & SAFE 450 US$ ( Per boat ) Private Boat Rental to Saona or Catalina Island Tour Bayahibe, Dominican Republic 12 Verified Crew Included Post a free listing to rent your boat Motorcycle Gma, August 12, 2015 in Dominican Republic. It is an island in the southeast of the country, dotted with palm-fringed beaches and surrounded by incredibly blue turquoise waters. Catalina Island is also located southeast of the island of Hispaniola, although much closer to important population centers such as La Romana. Do you have a private boat or maritime excursion and do you want to get benefits? Go with the pros to Saona! Land and Jungle Excursions: And we don't forget the land part of the park. In the section below I am recommending you the best private excursions with competitive pricing. There were about 20 of us, and only two divers. The great thing about snorkeling is that all you really need is a mask and a life jacket. This is the most basic experience to visit the Catalina Island National Park, where you will be able to see its most famous places. If you ever get hot during your Saona Island trip, simply go for a swim in the crystal clear waters or drink a cold, The village of Mano Juan is still there and is one of the two charming fishing villages on Isla Saona, along with a village called Catuano. I guess it depends on what you want to do! And its not surprising! It is about an hour from most all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana to where the boat leaves. They are Saona Island and Catalina Island, located southwest of the island of Hispaniola. It is an island in the southeast of the country, dotted with palm-fringed beaches and surrounded by incredibly blue turquoise waters. This is by far the most elegant private tour to Isla Saona a full cruising-style catamaran exclusively for your group*. Most families in Mano Juan make their living by fishing, so you can expect freshly caught local fish accompanied with yummy and healthy sides, such as plantains, rice, and cassava. more, You seem to have JavaScript disabled. 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